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Facebook Chat Emoticons, Rage Faces, Smileys, Symbols and Codes

Facebook Chat Emoticons, Rage Faces, Smileys, Symbols and Codes

Facebook is the most used social networking site in the world today. Now it has supported emoticons and smiley. Emoticons are the symbols used for expressing feelings. It follows the introduction of its chat feature. Here are a total list of Facebook emoticons and also their keyboard shortcuts. Here we can see that how to use them in a proper way. Firstly type in the code and press enter. We will get it to show up.
Each emote have more than one shortcut. Click on the read to get more links and click next to each icon to find all the codes. Then learn more about the sense and meaning of the smiley. Some of the shortcuts are case-sensitive. So if you type the shortcuts in the chat window it doesn’t work in the first time. Make sure that you have got all the letters correct.

Shortcut codes

Facebook doesn’t allow direct entrance of the emoticons. It is the main drawback of these smiley faces. So you have to know the Facebook emoticon shortcuts and codes. It should be remembered by you, and then only you can type them wherever you need it. First of all you have to type your messages and press enter key. Instead, the smiley shortcut code will be turned into the significant or relevant graphical icon automatically.
It is very difficult to remember all the 25 codes, which is created in this dictionary. So you can easily find out the all Facebook emoticons list in the table above for chats and status. This list consist all the new emoticons which have been newly added. New emoticons are the penguin or shark emoticon. These are showing some fun with your friends.

Emoticon symbols

We can use chat symbols to create very unique and cool emoticons on facebook chat if you are bored with these smiley and emoticons. Here you will find a lot of cool symbol and plenty of standers emoticons. These symbols such as heart symbols, music notes, a peace sign and star symbols are well-liked among users. These are helps to add our own personal touch to facebook messages.


[[username]] = Profile Pic Of FB User
[[249199828481201]] - Konata Izumi
[[250128751720149]] - Domo Kun
[[223328504409723]] - Gintoki Sakata
[[236147243124900]] - Pokeball
[[326134990738733]] - Pikachu
[[155393057897143]] - Doraemon 
[[224502284290679]] - Nobita
[[144685078974802]] - Mojacko
[[334954663181745]] - Spongebob
[[196431117116365]] - Shin chan
[[148935948523684]] - Pedo Bear
[[269153023141273]] - Poring
[[332936966718584]] - Hello Kitty
[[252497564817075]] - Kerokeroppi
[[297354436976262]] - Santa Claus
[[157680577671754]] - Angry Bird
[[136942059667395]] - Superman
[[133603427601]] - Batman
[[218595638164996]] - Bitch Please
[[189637151067601]] - LOL
[[129627277060203]] - Poker Face
[[227644903931785]] - Forever Alone
[[100002752520227]] - OKAY
[[171108522930776]] - Troll Face
[[105387672833401]] - Fcuk Yeah
[[100002727365206]] - Challenge Accepted
[[224812970902314]] - FCUK
[[170815706323196]] - Cereal Guy
[[FapFapFapFap.B]] - FAPFAPFAP
[[145768898802324]] - FUUUUUU's
[[143220739082110]] - Are You Fcuking Kidding Me
[[169919399735055]] - Not Bad Obama
[[142670085793927]] - Mother Of God
[[167359756658519]] - No Guy
[[192644604154319]] - Derpina
[[224812970902314]] - Derp
[[164413893600463]] - Me Gusta
[[MeGustaMeme]] - Me Gusta 2
[[107453105948594]] [[221310038416]]
[[173556336384]] [[267422529977510]]
[[110797149003034]] [[205838455398]]
[[173556336384]] [[172843133886]] - I Love You

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