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World's Fastest TRAIN to be launched by China in 2012

China is currently building the world fastest railroad connecting Beijing and Shanghai which is 1,318 kilometers in distance. The completed railroad will support trains that travel at 350 km/hr, a world record speed. Once the railroad construction is completed, Trains will take less than five hours to make the run from the capital city Beijing to China’s economic center Shanghai. The trip would take more than 11 hours by the current railway system.The new railway service would be used for passenger service only, while the existing one for cargo transportation.

The Ministry of Railways is going to invest over 175.44 billion U.S. dollars (1.2 trillion yuan) to improve the railway system, aiming to have 13,000 km coverage of passenger services across China by 2012. Among that, 8,000 km of the lines would allow trains to travel between 200 to 350 km per hour, and 5,000 km for trains with a speed from 200 to 250 km. The money is part of the 4-trillion-yuan stimulus package announced by the government late last year. The there are not enough seats for all the people who want to travel, especially during the Lunar New Year every year, when millions are on the move for family reunion. China is currently also developing trains that would run 380 km/hr.

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