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Recruiting Software

Online recruiting software is a necessity for a company constantly on the lookout for new talent and job seekers. An example of such a job market that is always looking for workers is the healthcare field. This staffing recruiting software has replaced all of the old style of application and recruiting forms, files, addresses and phone number indexes and allows potential employees to apply for positions from anywhere and at anytime. Many brands of online recruiting software allow total employment and recruiting as an integral part of a company's existing website. That is to say, when potential employees visit a company website, there is an opportunity for a step by step process for job application and resume submission. The recruitment computer program can also help manage or monitor the employment process once the potential employee has been entered into the system, including applications, interviews, testing and other steps on the way to full employment. "And he said, the things which are impossible with men are possible with God." (Luke 18:27)

Many companies that offer staffing recruiting software are quick to point out that their software is called SaaS which is a new buzz acronym for Software as a Service. Basically this means that when a company purchases staffing recruiting software initially, it is purchasing a continually updated service without additional costs. The computer program is presented as a service and not as a onetime product. With this type of program, work is done entirely on the Internet allowing recruiters working globally to tap into a local company's website for updates and talent downloads. But typical staffing software is not just about getting a recruit to apply, but to help organize the recruitment staff by providing calendars with appointment reminders and the ability to follow up in future weeks or months with potential candidates and also to receive refinement information on changing job descriptions from client employees. Software as a service business is projected to double in revenue in the next four years to twelve billion dollars, outpacing the traditional recruiting computer program installed on a client's machine. Additionally, some energy studies suggest that using SaaS software can save a company a lot of money in actual energy savings.

One of the obvious hurdles that computer programs designed for discovering new employee talent is to have a protocol that is not overwhelming for the human resource staff to plow through. The human resources departments of most medium to large companies have a great deal on their plates in terms of employee benefits, drug testing, ethics issues, interviewing, legal compliance, discrimination, union relations and other day to day responsibilities, and the often ongoing and never ending task of finding and wooing new staff cannot be compromised by online recruiting software that does not work seamlessly with already installed and frequently used computer programs designed for human resources departments. Staffing recruiting software must assist human resource departments in tracking employee hiring trends and categorize the onslaught of resume submission following a job posting with keyword searches. The most helpful of these computer programs will enable human resource staff to define a favorites list that can be accessed by all who have clearance, automatically send emails to those candidates when necessary, and schedule interviews on a calendar for all cleared eyes to view. Many of these programs can actually assist human resource staff to post jobs directly to the many job websites, thereby further eliminating more time in having to make individual postings.

Perhaps one of the more overlooked aspects of spending money on online recruiting software is the ability to track all the actual and hidden costs of recruiting new talent for a specific employment position. Giving a company a handle on an accurate return on investment (ROI) picture can be extremely helpful in planning future talent searches. This can be done as the recruiting staff is able to enter all activities surrounding the actions of getting a talent recruited, processed and fully on the job. In doing so, real time windows can be thrown open on where expenses are on certain projects. This can be very helpful, rather than having to wait for an end of month or quarterly accounting statement. A real time window can also help to mitigate immediate, anticipated recruitment costs before the end of the process.

Recruiting top talent at all levels of a company's operations is only going to become more difficult in the years to come. Generation Y'ers fully anticipate to change jobs a number of times during their work life experience. In other words, company loyalty will not be nearly as high on their agenda as the right pay and benefits package. This non allegiance to company loyalty will put enormous pressure on human resource departments and staffing agencies as well as headhunters to continually be looking for the latest talent on the employment merry go round and staff recruitment software will have to keep pace with this new generation of workers. Effective online recruiting software will not have a one size fits all mentality because small and middle sized companies have descending abilities to put large amounts of money into the discovery of new and marketable talent. Yet there is a conundrum for these small and medium sized companies because top level talent makes more of an impact on that size of business as opposed to the large corporate paradigm. Just think of the rock thrown in a small pond and then in a lake and which one reacts more dramatically to the splash.

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