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How To Delete Flash Cookie Zombie

This post addresses the question “How to delete flash cookies” in your computer. This post will increase your privacy online by means of stopping persistent cookies from monitoring your surfing habits. If you don’t know the issue about flash lately, here’s a worthy readBeware of Flash Zombies or a lawsuit filed by privacy attorney Joseph Malley.
Most people aren’t aware that Flash stores cookies on their system. These cookie files are ridiculously hard to find and manage: You can’t get at them from your browser, and they’re buried several layers deep inside your Application Data folder on Windows PCs. They can store up to 100K of data per cookie, or about 25 times what a browser cookie can store. And they can be used to recreate tracking cookies you’ve deleted.
In other words, if you’ve told an advertiser you don’t want to be followed around the Web bydeleting its tracking cookie, that advertiser can use Flash to ‘respawn’ that deleted cookie without telling you — and continue to track you in secret. Thus Malley’s lawsuits, which accuse all of those companies of breaking federal laws against computer intrusion and surveillance.
That respawning bit is why Flash cookies are also called “zombie” cookies. However, like they can be stopped. I’m here to show you how.

Here are the steps on how to delete flash zombie cookies

1. Click the link Adobe’s Flash Player Settings Manager (Flash Player Help page will load similar to the image below.)
howtodeleteflashzombiecookiesstep1 How To Delete Flash Cookie Zombie
2. Click Global Storage Settings Panel in the list on the left, find the box that says “Allow third-party Flash content to store data on your computer” and uncheck it.
howtodeleteflashzombiecookiesstep2 How To Delete Flash Cookie Zombie
3. Want to get rid of the Flash cookies you already have? You’ll need to select “Website Storage Settings panel,” where you can delete them one by one (if you’re like me and have thousands of these suckers, that will take a while) or select the “Delete all sites” option.
howtodeleteflashzombiecookiesstep3 How To Delete Flash Cookie Zombie
That’s it. Pretty simple really, assuming you can ever get that damned Flash app to load. What happens after that? Good question. Note that nuking your Flash cookies could mean video and other media play at the wrong volume or load more slowly. As an experiment, I deleted the Flash cookie for, and then loaded a video preview from the site. Playback was extremely jumpy — but whether that was due to the lack of Flash cookies, my Internet connection, browser, or the phase of the moon is kind of impossible to determine.
So, as usual, you should assume there’s a cost associated with increasing your privacy.


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