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Gesture Interface Computer : G-Speak

minorityreporttouchwall thumb Gesture Interface Computer : G SpeakHave you seen the movie “Minority Report”? It’s an futuristic movie with futuristic devices. One of those futuristic devices was the computer used by Tom Cruise. It is a computer with a big and wide screen. It doesn’t have a keyboard or a mouse, instead, it uses gestures. Watch the movie below to see what i mean.

This technology was developed by Oblong Industries and they call it “G-Speak” or “G-Speak Spatial Operating Environment”.
The SOE’s combination of gestural i/o, recombinant networking, and real-world pixels offers the first major step in computer interface since 1984.
Oblong helps clients deploy SOE-based solutions to real-world problems, including:
  • analysis of large data sets

  • operation of three-dimensional interfaces

  • construction of efficient multi-user collaborative applications

  • integration of large screens and multiple computers into room- and building-scale work environments

  • development of large-scale applications that run interactively across enterprise networks

[via youtube & oblong]


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